Food for Thought: 11 Foods that Enhance Brain Function

Did you know that your diet can have a strong impact on your brain and its ability to function optimally? You can increase your brainpower with these simple and tasty diet changes:

1. Oily fish.
Your brain requires healthy fats in the right amounts, so the oils in fish are very important for brain health. These essential fatty acids found in fish can help boost brainpower. These oily fish include salmon, sardines, herring, and trout, amongst many others. A lack of these fatty acids can lead to memory issues and other health concerns. If you aren’t a fish lover, take the proper Fish Oil vitamins so that your brain can function at full capacity.

2. Dark leafy vegetables.
Vegetables such as kale and spinach are important for boosting brain power. They contain vitamins and folate, which strengthens the cells in our body. Learn from Popeye’s example and boost brain and body function by eating spinach and other such vegetables.

3. Broccoli.
Broccoli has a large amount of vitamin K, which helps boost your brain’s ability to function at a high level for long periods of time.

4. Nuts.
Do you want your brain to slowly lose its ability to function at its optimal level? Well, you should probably look into adding nuts like cashews and walnuts to your diet so that you get more Vitamin E, which protects against a decline in brain function.

5. Avocados.
Avocadoes contain a lot of Vitamin E and other healthy fats that your brain needs to function optimally. These monosaturated fats are better for you than they sound; they are an essential part of any diet.

6. Seeds.
Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of zinc, which boosts memory and thought processes in the brain. Sunflower seeds are another good source of vitamin E.

7. Tomatoes.
Tomatoes contain lycopene, an important antioxidant for brain protection.

8. Berries.
Most all berries contain essential vitamins and antioxidants that can help fuel brain function. Whether you’re a fan of strawberries or acai berries, you should consider eating more berries on a daily basis.

9. Whole grains.
Unlike other grains, whole grains release their glucose slowly, which helps your body avoid sugar spikes as it digests slower. This way your body and brain get a constant flow of energy for optimal performance. For people with grain sensitivities, grain-like seeds such as quinoa or millet are good alternatives.

10. Beets.
Beets contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals, and they also relax the mind and lower blood pressure. Thus beets help you relax and not get frustrated or overworked while your brain works overtime.

11. Sage.
Sage extracts and oils contain compounds that protect our neurotransmitters, maximizing memory and overall brain function. Adding sage to salads is a common way of getting this healthy herb into your diet.

These simple diet changes can enhance your brain’s function. By making these informed choices on a day-to-day basis, you can boost your brainpower over the long term.

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