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How Trans Fat Leads to Memory Loss

How can trans fats lead to Memory Loss:

We all know to stay away from trans fats but did you know that they can lead to memory loss? Whether or not we do is a different case. Studies have proven year after year that higher consumption of trans fats can increase your risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, but a recent study has shown that trans fat consumption lowers your memory recall as well. The study was presented just back in 2014 at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions by the University of California at San Diego and supports a clear association between higher trans fat consumption and worse memory performance in those under the age of 45 (test group). The study was done with those in their key career-building years, so you can imagine how trans fats affect you as you age even further.

Industrial fatty acids contain pro-oxidants and cell energy harms, whereas foods with antioxidants and cell energy benefits are favorably linked to better memory. And if you ever needed a better reason to remember not to eat foods with trans fat, saving your mind and preventing memory loss should be that reason.

There have been many regulatory moves to limit our trans fat intake, but US regulations do not extend worldwide. The long-term implications of high trans fat intake for memory are currently unknown.

Read the latest from the American Heart Association 2014 Scientific Sessions here.

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