Sexual Health

At Charleston Healthspan Institute, our commitment to the whole patient is embodied in the array of patient support services we offer, which provide a continuum of care and assurance to patients, including our focus on sexualhealth.
Sexuality is integral to human identity and expression, yet is often overlooked or minimized by the medical community.  Concerns regarding sexual health occur commonly and increasingly with age and are related to the many diseases that impact sexual function in the aging population. For example, by age 40, about one-third of American men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction and by age 70, two-thirds.
In addition, almost half of American women report some problems in terms of sexual function.
As a part of your consultation, Dr. Wilson will address these issues with you, at your request.
Difficulty with arousal and/or orgasm, pain with intercourse, diminished libido and erectile dysfunction are a few of the issues that she will address with you.  There are a variety of methods to treat sexual dysfunction, including hormonal optimization, pharmacologic treatments, and others, depending on the exact nature and cause of the problem.
You will be asked on your new patient questionnaire if you would like to discuss issues of sexual function or ways to enhance sexual performance.

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