What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do for Our Health?

In a world where our average attention span has dipped below that of a goldfish (9 seconds) and every day, more activities start to pile up on our plates giving us less and less time to be healthy, it becomes all the more important to do whatever is the most effective, in the least amount of time for our health. So what exactly is that? A new diet? An annual physical? Acupuncture?

It turns out that the best thing you can do for your health has always been within your reach, for no financial cost at all. And it’s called, exercise. And it would surprise you how little you need to make a huge difference in your current life and your longevity.

This short video,  Dr. Mike Evans of Evans Health Lab, makes a very clear, concise and well-presented argument for the fact that if we are not going to do anything else, we should at least exercise 30 minutes per day. Watching this video could literally save your life.



Photo by Marion Michele

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