New Alzheimer’s Research

As we age, one of the scariest thoughts that cross our minds is that someday we might lose the ability to care for ourselves. Placing a burden on our friends and loved ones is not a goal of anyone, but certain circumstances and disease processes dictate the necessity of extra help and care for some after they cross a certain threshold. One such scary disease is Alzheimer’s, and as of yet, there has been no found cure or very successful treatment.

We suggest a combination of Hormone Replacement Therapy, specific nutritional guidelines, exercise programs, brain fitness programs and a comprehensive list of proven supplements for all our patients. We believe, that if followed, these protocols can help anyone enjoy life more as they age, and help them stay sharper in mind and body as long as possible. In a recent study, 9/10 participants in a slightly stricter (and tightly followed) program published by Dr. Dale Bredesen of UCLA noticed significant positive neurocognitive changes after the participants had been following the program for only a few months. Positive changes were found in memory, attention, motor skills, and even information processing and decision-making ability. The study was small and strict but shows extreme promise for future larger scale studies.

On December, 8th 2014, CNN wrote about the article. They cited 7 different ways to potentially reverse the signs of early Alzheimer’s disease including improving GI health, fasting, supplements like DHA for the brain, reducing heavy metal toxicity, cutting out inflammatory foods, sleeping properly and balancing your hormones. The full article can be found by clicking HERE.

We are pleasantly surprised that CNN decided to promote this study and along with it the ideas of many of us in the preventive medicine community; that you can take control of your health now and in the future.


Photo by Esther Wiegardt

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