Sexless Marriage: What Leads to It & How to Best Address It

A sexless marriage is defined as a marriage with little or no sexual activity or physical intimacy between the couple. While many couples experience periods of little to no sex over the course of their marriages, a sexless marriage is often a sign of an underlying issue experienced by one or both of the partners. Most of the time, a sexless marriage is caused by physical factors or communication issues in a marriage. The most common reasons for a sexless marriage are:

Mismatched sexual libidos (sex drives)

Not everyone desires the same amount of sex. While sex drives do often fluctuate over the course of a relationship, it is very important to communicate as partners and address different levels of sexual desire. If left unaddressed, the higher libido partner can feel rejected or even may stop initiating physical intimacy. The lower libido partner oftentimes feels inadequate because they feel as if they can’t meet their partner’s needs. Communication is the key to addressing and overcoming a sexless marriage caused by mismatched sex drives.


Excess stress can cause significant adverse effects on an individual’s health, including lowering your sexual libido. Along with the physical reasons that stress can lower your sex drive, the psychological effects of stress can lead to tiredness and anxiety, leaving you with no desire or energy for sex. Addressing the root causes of excess stress is critical to rediscovering your sexual energy and desire.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection can make it very difficult to have sex. ED can also affect a man’s confidence and self-esteem. Men who have symptoms of ED should always consult their doctor in hopes of addressing the issue early on.

Addressing the problem

If you are experiencing any of the above factors that can lead to a sexless marriage, consider consulting a hormone specialist in your area. At Charleston Healthspan Institute,  Dr Wilson will evaluate you and your partner for hormone imbalances and other factors that can lead to a sexless or sexually deficient marriage.  Restoring you to a more youthful hormonal state, can drastically change the state of your intimate life.  Assisting couples in regaining their intimate connection is very rewarding and gives them an opportunity to reboot their relationship and get their marriage back on track.

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